Grant Yarolin: definitely maybe, probably no
April 2, 2016 - April 9, 2016

Artist Biography
Grant Yarolin
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b. 1985, Cleveland, Ohio

Lives & works in Cleveland, Ohio



2015 MFA, Duke University, Experimental & Documentary Arts, Durham, NC

2010 BA, Reed College, English, Portland, OR



2016 definitely maybe, probably no, SHAHEEN modern and contemporary art, Cleveland, OH

2015 a form that knows its way around, Boiler Room, Durham, NC

2013 These Walls of Dust & Man, East End Neighborhood House, Cleveland, OH

Faces and FaceEast End Neighborhood House, Cleveland, OH

Faces and Face, Waterloo Studios, Cleveland, OH

2009 Small Immensities, Vollum Gallery, Portland, OR



2016 Flashback to the Future, The Good Goat Gallery, Lakewood, OH

2015 Neo-Pre-Post-Contra-Para-Anti-Hyper-Pro-Trans-Ultra-Photography, Spectre Arts, Durham, NC

       Beyond Cameras, Horace Williams House, Chapel Hill, NC

       Bazaarbeque Vol. 6, Forum Artspace, Cleveland, OH                

       We’re All Fading, Allen Building at Duke University, Durham, NC

2014 Groundwork, Lehrtersiebzehn , Berlin, Germany

       Stung, Tête, Berlin, Germany



2014 Picture Berlin, Berlin, Germany



2015 MOCA Foreign Exchange, Foreign Exchange Spotlight, Cleveland, OH

       Picture Berlin Fall Handbook, cover image, Berlin, Germany

       A New Nothing, image conversation with Arthur Ou, Chapel Hill, NC

       Fisheye Magazine, “The Swap: portraits de photographes”, Paris, France

2012 The Sun Magazine, image accepted into publication catalogue, Chapel Hill, NC

Press Releases
definitely maybe, probably no

SHAHEEN is excited to begin the spring with definitely maybe, probably no, a special pop-up exhibition featuring recent photographs and sculptures by artist Grant Yarolin.  There will be an opening reception for the artist on Saturday, April 2nd from 6-9pm.  The exhibition will run through April 9th. 


Fascinated by the relationship of image to surface, Yarolin creates richly textured, monochromatic pictures through a recursive method that relies on both painting and photography.  Starting with raw canvas, spray paint, enamel, and latex house paint, he fashions expansive, gestural paintings which become the “base” of his completed works.  These paintings are photographed from various perspectives, printed, painted, and photographed again.  This iterative process conflates what would otherwise be distinct modes of production.


The sculptural works also rely upon a strategy of mixing media.  Constructed from laser cut sheet metal and spray-paint, they consist of interconnected geometric shapes that borrow aspects of the formal language of photography.  Simple circles and sweeping curves are bent to hard angles and enact their dimensionality despite their thinness and seeming relegation to the world of the flat.


In these ways, definitely maybe, probably no readily combines oppositional registers of representation. At its best, the accumulative effect is the sense of being caught in-between, where mesmerizing ambiguity transcends photography’s penchant for the discrete. 


Grant Yarolin is a visual artist based in Cleveland, Ohio.  After receiving his Bachelor of Arts in English from Reed College, he went on to study photography and sculpture at Duke University, receiving his Master of Fine Arts degree in 2015.


Grant Yarolin
Untitled, 2016
archival inkjet prints

Grant Yarolin
Untitled, 2016
archival inkjet prints